Gel ricostruzione unghie luxury

Gel ricostruzione unghie luxury

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  • Cover Blossom 15ml
    Builders gel Cover Blossom 15ml

    It is a cover refill of a neutral and delicate color, with low density. It works in very thin layers but at the same time it helps you hide imperfections of the natural nail. It is also suitable for small stretches and refills.

    27,01 €
  • Cover Petal 15ml
    Builders gel Cover Petal 15ml

    Unique, medium-toned, natural peach color with a warm feeling. Easy to model nail bed extension gel slightly thicker than the more popular Cover Rose Gel. It does not  drip, the nail you sculpt remains firm as a rock, allowing you to create the perfect smile line. Its biggest advantage is that it catalyses even when applied in a thick layer.

    28,61 €
  • Cover Rose 15ml
    Builders gel Cover Rose 15ml

    Gel with flexible structure, medium viscosity, very pigmented, nude-colored, opaque, for a very natural result. Its consistency makes it particularly easy to work. Resistant and elastic, with perfect adherence, it is ideal for lengthening the natural nail or for building the entire nail.

    27,01 €
  • Crystal Clear
    Builders gel Crystal Clear

    This gel is a perfectly crystalline builder. It has a soft consistency making it easy to work. Exceptional flexibility, unparalleled adhesion, easy to model and store. It adheres perfectly to the nail plate, adapting to its natural movement and thus preventing the breaking or lifting of the sculpted nail.

    25,00 €
  • Diamond Clear
    Builders gel Diamond Clear

    Gel with a full-bodied and firm transparent structure. Its density allows it to be worked easily even in summer as it does not drip. It is suitable both for beginners, as they need more time to carry out the reconstruction, and for the more experienced, who speed up their work thanks to its firmness. 

    27,01 €
  • Flawless Pink 15ml
    Builders gel Flawless Pink 15ml

    Builder gel with a natural sensation, meets perfectly the need for REFILL without the total removal of the previous coverage applied material. Optimal for refills. Also ideal for covering natural nails for a "very natural" effect even for those who do not like coloured nails, ideal in refill, lengthening of medium lengths with map or tips.

    25,00 €
  • Glass Clear
    Builders gel Glass Clear

    Clear, non-yellowing, medium viscosity builder gel that boasts meticulously optimised viscosity and flexibility for salon work. Maximum adhesion and exceptional durability. It does not flow, perfectly maintains the sculpted form. 

    24,10 €
  • Snow White 15ml
    Builders gel Snow White 15ml

    Thick snow-white building gel with a warm feeling. Highly pigmented, it offers good coverage even if applied in a thin layer, but also dries well in a thick layer. Despite being thick, it does not flow and is easy to shape, perfect for creating a smooth surface. It is a gel used to create perfect French white tips.

    39,55 €
  • Ultra White 3D 15ml
    Builders gel Ultra White 3D 15ml

    It is a gel suitable for creating 3D decorations in relief, from simple to more effective ones giving space to the creative vein. Its color is chalk white, non-yellowing and non-glue.

    39,55 €
  • White 15ml
    Builders gel White 15ml

    Medium viscosity builder gel, bright snow white, highly pigmented. It does not flow and provides perfect coverage in a thin layer. It heals well even if it is applied in a thicker layer.

    22,75 €

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