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Crack Antartyc enamel is an enamel that is used to obtain the Crackelè Effect (also called Broken Enamel or Split Enamel). This effect represents one of the most recent fashions in the field of manicure. It is a decoration that reproduces a "cracked" motif and is a real must have for true fans of the latest trends in manicure.


The craquelé effect can be achieved in different color combinations, choosing a tone on tone version or, conversely, opting for contrasting nuances between them. The colors can be opaque or metallized and bright. The effect obtained in the end is very similar to what is sometimes found reproduced on works of art, even ancient ones: a subtle texture of irregular ripples, capable of giving a vintage and refined allure to the manicure.

Viscosity: low 

Coloration: 2 colours

Contents: glass falcon, with 5 ml brush. 

Techniques: For the crackle effect (cracked)

How to use: 

  1. Sanitise the client's nails with Sanitizer;
  2. Opacify the natural nail with the Buffer or with a Zebra 150/180 file.
  3. Remove the dust in excess with the nail brush;
  4. Evenly clean the entire surface of the nail using a square of pressed cotton soaked in Nail Fresh Nail Prep;
  5. Wait a few seconds (about 30 seconds will be enough) until the product evaporates completely;
  6. Apply 1-2 small drops of acid primer being careful not to touch the skin, air dry in seconds. Apply on the nail plate for avoid the cuticle area;
  7. Apply a thin layer of Base Coat with a dry brush. To speed up the step apply a drop on each nail and with the dry brush spread it on the whole surface;
  8. Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;
  9. Shake the Crack nail polish bottle well so as to mix all the components of the product perfectly;
  10. Proceed to the application of the product in a not abundant way, like a normal Nail Polish and immediately close the bottle (Crack Nail Polishes have the characteristic of having a very rapid drying);
  11. The drying of the Crack nail polish will be completed when, after a few seconds from the application (about 20/30 sec), it will start to crack, producing the typical split effect of these Enamels. The effect will always be different from one nail to another, a real peculiarity: in no case will it be possible to obtain the same effect on multiple nails, as the breaking effect occurs randomly! The time required for drying is about 60 seconds;
  12. Apply a thin layer of Top Coat to seal, 
  13. Dry in a UV lamp for 120 seconds or in LED lamp for about 60 seconds;
  14. Degrease the nails with Cleanser to make the nails shiny, lightly wetting a cotton pad and passing it on the nails thoroughly.

* 2 minutes with 36W lamp, 4 minutes with 9 watt lamp


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