Gel painting Pasta Artistyc per unghie  - Blue -
Gel painting Pasta Artistyc per unghie  - Blue -



Pasta Artistyc gels are ultra pigmented, trisotropic and very opaque gels created specifically for gel painting on nails. These coloured gel gels have a consistency like that of toothpaste and are perfect for all types of models and design techniques.


Pasta Artistyc gels are excellent as single-color gels, thanks to their high coverage and density, they can be spread thin without flaking and without creating thickness. It does not flow, it allows you to work with great precision on the finest details of your latest nail art masterpiece. Use it for the popular One Move technique, for gel painting or for fine lines and contours. It guarantees realistic works of nail art that boast bright colors and allows you to create flawless shades of color. 

Viscosity: high 

Coloration: 14 colours

Contents: Barattolo di 5 ml 

Techniques: Zhostovo, Chinese Painting, Jelly Flowers, Gel watercolor, flower decoration, panoramas, nail art, colored 3D, single-color shades.


  • Maximum adherence
  • Easy to apply
  • Paste consistency 
  • Full bodied colour 
  • Doesn’t drip 
  • Doesn’t not withdraw

  1. Clean your nails like a normal manicure process;
  2. Apply the Base Coat first; 
  3. Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;
  4. Paint your design with the Pasta artistyc of your choice;
  5. Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;
  6. Seal with a Top Coat with dispersion or without dispersion;
  7. Remove the dispersion with Cleanser if you have used the top with dispersion.   


  • For example, to obtain the different shades of green, spread 4 drops of green on your palette, one next to the other and starting from the pure green color, add the white to the other drops of green, first in small quantities until you get white total. By doing so you will have created your color palette by gradation, from pure green to light green to white.
Pasta Artistyc Blue
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