Pennelli per unghie professionali Marianna 4
Pennelli per unghie professionali Marianna 4

Marianna 4

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The Flat n°1 brush is a high quality brush, with natural black and red bristles, it is ideal for creating decorative flowers and leaves using the "One Stroke" technique with acrylic colours. This technique consists in using at least two different colours on the same brush at the same time, which produces a shaded effect in a simple and fast way with a few brush strokes.


The shape of the Flat brush favours the movements, as well as the collection of multiple colours at the same time. The bristles cut with precision and carefully selected, armed with the best adhesives to prevent the spread of these, are resistant to deformations and chemicals. Try it and create your masterpieces!


  • Selected bristles
  • Handmade
  • Armed with the best stickers
  • Straight brush shape
  • Ergonomic body
  • Light handle
  • Resistant to deformation
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • High elasticity
  • Square tip
  • High professional quality
  • Excellent product retention
  • Excellent shape retention

HOW TO KEEP THE BRISTLES HYDRATEd AND IN PERFECT CONDITIONS?Taking care of your brushes is essential to prolong their life. Improper use can damage the bristles, this will result in not an optimal result for the manicure. Here are some tips for proper storage:

1. Before being used, each brush needs a specific preparation:

  • We remove the brush from its packaging, remove the cap and gently remove the glue with our fingers. Positioning ourselves under the table lamp we observe the glue that comes away from the bristles in the form of a light white powder and we continue the removal until the powder is almost completely disappeared.
  • Now we can completely immerse the bristles of our brush in the Top Coat
  • Now the brush is ready to be used.

2. It is essential to keep the brush clean during the use of the products. If we do not continuously unload the bristles on the paper towel, the material deposited on them will solidify, making the brush unusable.

3. If you use Gel Paint: after the finished treatment, simply rub the bristles well on damp paper starting from the ring towards the tip, taking care to place the brush horizontally or with the tip down. In this case there is no need to add any type of product since the gel, being viscous, keeps the bristles nice and compact. Remember to never leave brushes in vertical position. NEVER clean the brush with products that are sold at the special cleaning suppliers, such as acetone or with detergent or with alcohol or water, otherwise after a short time the brush will be damaged and you will have to buy new ones. They must always keep the bristles soaked with gel, otherwise they will no longer will do their work!

If you use Acrylic Colours: We recommend you to use a special shot glass that has a special marker, which helps you keep the bristles always wet to prevent the acrylic colours from drying on the brush. At the end of each of your creations you have to rinse the brushes gently on the edge of the glass, as the acrylic paint dries very quickly and therefore if, carelessly, the paint on the bristles has dried, the brush is to be thrown away! Once the bristles have been cleaned, dab them on the paper towel and swap each trace of colour. So, while you are working and doing a nail art, as soon as you have finished with the brush you will immediately immerge it in this glass, then, rinse the brush well in water, with your fingers you help yourself to remove the residues of painting. After this operation, put a drop of cuticle oil on the bristles to better maintain the cut of your brush, taking care to place the brush horizontally or with the tip down. 


  • Keep the brush in a dry place and, if it cannot be stored in its case, place it in a brush holder or even in a normal glass;
  • Avoid leaving the brush exposed to dust, better keep it in a closet or drawers;
  • Always keep the brush away from sources of UV rays, because in contact with them any gel residues would solidify.
  • Do not use the brush that you’ve used with gels also with acrylics as they have different cleaning methods and the brush will not be as good as it should be. Brushes are to be used separately!
  • Thickness: if the length satisfies you but the thickness of the bristles is too much, you can eliminate some bristles with the nippers starting from the base of the tip, cutting and not pulling. In doing so the tip will be getting thinner.

Marianna 4
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