A-Lac rubber base cover  - A-Lac Color 04 -
A-Lac rubber base cover  - A-Lac Color 04 -

A-Lac Rubber Base 04


Rubber base cover Antartyc is a coloured sculpture base gel with dispersion. This unique tool combines the qualities of the Rubber Base Antartyc and the camouflage coatings, allows you to qualitatively prepare your nails to apply the design, make it fast, correct and beautiful. 


Using the color shade of the base, the surface of a natural nail is visually levelled, imperfections and defects (grooves, spots, flaking, lesions) are camouflaged and the adhesion of the nails with a decorative coating increases. It guarantees extreme flexibility and maximum resistance even on very fragile and damaged nails.

Viscosity: Low-medium

Coloration: - Milky pink

                      - Milky cover

                      - Semi-opaque nude 

                      - Covering nude

Contents: 7.5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml bottles with brush.

Techniques: Ideal for combi manicure, covers without filings. 


  • Maximum adherence
  • Easy to apply 
  • Flexible 
  • Doesn’t drip 
  • Self-levelling 

Modalità d’uso: 

  1. Sanitise the client's nails with Sanitizer;
  2. Opacify the natural nail with the Buffer or with a Zebra 150/180 file.
  3. Remove the dust in excess with the nail brush;
  4. Evenly clean the entire surface of the nail using a square of pressed cotton soaked in Nail Fresh Nail Prep;
  5. Wait a few seconds (about 30 seconds will be enough) until the product evaporates completely;
  6. Apply 1-2 small drops of acid primer being careful not to touch the skin, air dry in seconds. Apply on the nail plate for avoid the cuticle area;
  7. Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec; 
  8. Apply the Rubber Base coat, distribute the product by spreading it on the surface in order to improve the thickness of the treatment on the stress point;
  9. Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;
  10. Remove the dispersion with the Cleanser. 


  • Its self- levelling properties help to fill the irregularities of problem nails and facilitate the creation of the crowning without filing.
  • Not suitable for nail extension
  • It is not recommended to put the semi-opaque nude and the opaque in large quantities (due to polymerisation).  
Rubber base cover Color 04
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