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Acid primer – 15ml

Gel Acid primer – 15ml
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The acid primer is a liquid used in nail reconstruction procedures and is formulated with alcohol and acids which can facilitate and guarantee complete evaporation of the water and total 'degreasing' and cleaning of the natural nail surface. Thanks to its properties, it creates a porous surface that guarantees excellent adhesion between the natural nail and the  Base coat.


It is indicated for particularly oily nails and onychophagic nails. Eliminates moisture from the nail surface making it dry. The Primer, therefore, acts precisely as an Adhesion Promoter between the Nail and the Gel Products that we are going to use, maximising their adhesion!

Viscosity: low  

Coloration: colourless

Contents: 15 ml bottle with brush.

Techniquese: Nail reconstruction: adhesion promoter for gel and acrylic. 

How to use:

   1.    Sanitise the client's nails with Sanitizer;

  1. Opacify the natural nail with the Buffer or with the file Zebra 150/180;
  2. Remove excess dust with the nail brush;
  3. Evenly clean the entire surface of the nail using a square of pressed cotton soaked in Nail Fresh Nail Prep;
  4. Wait a few seconds (about 30 seconds will be enough) for the product to evaporate completely;
  5. Apply 1-2 small drops of primer acid being careful not to touch the skin, air dry in seconds. Apply on the nail plate to avoid the cuticle area;



  • The acid primer has an intense odor and is therefore not recommended for very sensitive people.
  • The cuticles should not be touched, nor of course the skin around the nail: the ideal is to leave at least a millimeter of distance from the cuticles and skin.
  • If the skin around the nail is very irritated, Acid Primer could eventually cause a temporary burning sensation.
  • If you make a gel or acrylic refill, apply Primer only on the natural nail plate.
  • If you are pregnant and have doubts about the use of acid primer, we recommend that you consult your doctor.
  • Remember not to keep the vial open too long, because Primer can evaporate and lose its properties.
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