Acrilico per unghie - Cover Peach 20gr -

Cover Peach 20gr

Acrylic Cover Peach 20gr
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Acrylic powder has been a main product in many nail salons for years. Antartyc acrylic powders are a professionally formulated product that will bring your manicure to a very high level. 


Being a polymer powder product, which must be combined with the monomer, it does not require polymerisation. This means that to dry it does not need LED or UV lamps, but simply air.

Presentation: Powder 

Coloration: - White

                      - Dark Pink

                      - Cover Peach 

                      - Extreme Clear

Contents: jars of 20gr and 35gr

Techniques: Nail reconstruction, covers, extensions, refills, ideal bridge technique for

onychophagic nails, 3D and French decorations in the acrylic system.


  • Easy to apply
  • Fast dry
  • Doesn’t yellow
  • It does not change the gradation of colours in the long run

How to use: 

  1. Sanitise the client's nails with Sanitizer;
  2. Opacify the natural nail with the Buffer or with a Zebra 150/180 file.
  3. Remove the dust in excess with the nail brush;
  4. Evenly clean the entire surface of the nail using a square of pressed cotton soaked in Nail Fresh Nail Prep;
  5. Wait a few seconds (about 30 seconds will be enough) until the product evaporates completely;
  6. Apply 1-2 small drops of acid primer being careful not to touch the skin, air dry in seconds. Apply on the nail plate for avoid the cuticle area;
  7. Pour the liquid into the acrylic glass and dip the brush into it;
  8. While removing the brush from the glass, flatten the hair on both sides to shape the brush to sculpt and drain excess liquid from the brush;
  9. Insert the brush soaked in the powder in order to obtain a spreadable compound with which the reconstruction can be carried out;
  10. Now you are ready to sculpt; Sculpt the mixture by pressing the brush on the nail and gently moving the acrylic to smooth out the bumps and distribute it evenly (remember to keep the brush clean by immersing it in the acrylic liquid while you do it);
  11. If the method of elongation with papers is chosen, this obtained substance must be modelled on the map;
  12. We finish modelling the shape of the nails first with a coarse file, Zebra 100/100, then with another fine grain file, Buffer 100/180;
  13. Remove excess dust with the nail brush;
  14. Seal and dry in the air. 


  • It must be combined with the monomer.
  • It is necessary to be very skilled in the passage of the monomer-wet brush in the acrylic powder because if you are not expert the compound could be either too liquid or too dry and grainy, therefore unusable. A lot of practice is needed, but in general it can be said that a proportion of 2: 1 (powder: liquid) is usually the right one;
  • Perfect for both beginners and more experienced technicians.
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