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Special products and pure cream pigments to be used with the coloured gels of the Pasta Artistyc line to obtain even brighter colours and more realistic decorations. They can be used to create gradients and 3D effects. It can be used as a raw material to change the pigmentation of any type of semi-permanent color gel, to obtain coloured builder gels etc.


Viscosity: high 

Coloration: 10 colours

Contents: Jar of 5 ml 

Techniques: Zhostovo, Chinese painting, Jelly Flowers, Gel painting, Velvet, to obtain color builder gels, to create new colours.


  • Maximum adherence
  • Easy to apply
  • Full-bodied colours
  • Stable colour 
  • Doesn’t drip 
  • Doesn’t not withdraw

How to use: 

Per pigmentare un gel costruttore 

  •   Add a dot de pigmentyc to any builder gel

To pigment the Tecno Gel Luxury line 

  •   To obtain a pastel color, add a point of pigmentyc to the Tecno gel Bianco;
  •   To obtain a classic color, add a point of pigmentyc to the Tecno gel Pink
  •   To obtain a trans shiny color add a pigmentyc point to Tecno gel Clear;
  •   To obtain a special color, add a point of pigmentyc to the Tecno gel Cover Pink
  •   The percentage quantity used will be: from min 5% pigmentyc - to 100% gel at most                             25%  pigmentyc - a 100% gel.  
  •   To obtain a pastel color, the minimum percentage of 5% -100% must be used.
  •   To obtain a colored builder gel the percentage can also be 10-100%.
  •   For more elaborate techniques like Zhostovo the maximum percentage of can be used      25%-100%.       


  • It is very important to respect the rules and not to exceed the percentages of product used otherwise you run the risk that does not catalyse.             
  • Being a raw material product, it cannot be used individually as it does not catalyse. The colours can be mixed together to obtain new colours.
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