Tecno gel luxury  builder  - Clear – 60ml -
Tecno gel luxury  builder  - Clear – 60ml -

Clear – 60ml

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Tecno Gel is a builder gel of solid consistency. It is an innovative acrylic gel that combines the best of acrylic and gel characteristics, in a revolutionary all-in-one system for nail enhancement.


It has a lighter structure than the acrylic and gel system. The result is a totally natural effect and offers strong, flexible and light nails for over 21 long lasting days.

Tecno Gel allows you to create thin and resistant nails with an extremely natural effect simply and quickly. It does not give thickness, it is self-leveling, it does not burn during polymerization in a lamp, it does not smell and does not create volatile fine powders and does not need bases for application on the natural nail.

Viscosity: high 

Coloration: 4 colours - Clear

                                 - Cover Pink

                                 - White 

                                 - Pink 

Contents: Jars of 60ml. 

Techniques: Nail reconstruction


  • Maximum adherence
  • Easy to apply
  • Don't drop
  • Resistant, stronger than traditional gels, more flexible than acrylics
  • shockproof
  • It does not create bubbles
  • Gives an extremely natural effect to the nail
  • It does not give thickness;
  • Odourless

How to use:

   1.    Sanitise the client's nails with Sanitizer;

  1. Opacify the natural nail with the Buffer or with the file Zebra 150/180;
  2. Remove excess dust with the nail brush;
  3. Evenly clean the entire surface of the nail using a square of pressed cotton soaked in Nail Fresh Nail Prep;
  4. Wait a few seconds (about 30 seconds will be enough) for the product to evaporate completely;
  5. Apply 1-2 small drops of primer acid being careful not to touch the skin, air dry in seconds. Apply on the nail plate to avoid the cuticle area;
  6. Apply a thin layer of Base coat;
  7. Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;

   9.   Apply the Nail Form to the nail and take it with a spatula from the Tecno Gel 

         tube the quantity of product needed;

 10.    Place the brush in the special solution Tecno Liquid or  Cleanser

         (eliminates the friction between brush and gel), dab the brush in a cloth and 

         start to work your Tecno Gel, spreading and shaping it until you have it

         obtained the length of the nail you want.

 11.   Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;

 12.   Shape the nail giving it the shape with the Zebra 150/180, then smooth with   

         one Buffer the surface;

 13.   Remove excess dust with the nail brush;

14.    Apply the Semipermanent nail polish of the color you prefer;

15.    Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;

16.    Seals by spreading the final polishing Top Coat;

17.    Cure in UV for 120 sec., In UV / LED 60 sec;

18.    Remove the dispersion on the nail surface with the  Cleanser.


  • Always have a glass of Tecno Liquid or  Cleanser totally transparent. To see when the product becomes cloudy, in that case the  Cleanser or the Tecno Liquid must be replaced as it can stain the Tecno Gel.
  • Avoid wetting the brush too much in Tecno Liquid or  Cleanser.
Tecno Gel Clear Luxury 60ml
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